Design, Build, Plant and Maintain

Whilst many clients have a clear idea of what their requirements are, and just need our landscaping services, some clients need more input into the design, layout and use of the garden, which is where our Design and Build service comes in.

Our partner designer, Fiona Green, will visit you to discuss your requirements in more detail, before working on a concept design with you. This will involve detailed discussions with you about your individual preferences and ideas about garden layout, finishes, materials and planting schemes and will ensure that the finished garden exactly meets your personal tastes, requirements, and budget considerations.

Fiona will then liaise with us to produce the necessary drawings and documentation required to build the garden to the agreed specification. These could include Presentation Plans; Setting Out Drawings; Level and Spot Height Drawings; Construction Drawings; Planting Plans amongst other documents. Drawings are produced to ensure that the scope of the project is clearly understood by all parties.

Once the garden construction has been fully costed up, work will begin on building the garden. Using our small team of highly skilled professionals, we will ensure that the garden is constructed exactly as envisaged, and to the high level of specification and finish that you would expect from us. During the construction phase, Fiona and Peter will liaise with you to ensure that the project runs smoothly, on time, and within budget.

Using her very detailed knowledge of plants and horticulture, Fiona and her team will then arrange the planting phase – planting schemes take into account your preferences for colour, style and complexity of planting. Using her contacts in specialist nurseries, Fiona is able to source mature trees and hedges, as well as a very extensive palette of shrubs and perennials to create a beautiful planting scheme for you.

We are also able to provide an on-going garden maintenance service for you, and will discuss that in detail with you at the appropriate time.

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