Landscape Design in Harpenden

How Our Garden Design Can Transform Your Outdoor Environment

Specialising in landscape design, our team blends hard and soft landscaping elements to create stunning outdoor spaces. Due to their large size, new patios often serve as visual focal points, while complementing the nearby greenery. They not only look fantastic but also give you a dedicated space for garden furniture. For this reason, a landscaping company in Harpenden like ours needs to work with exacting care in all aspects of garden design.

You can rely on our landscapers to supply durable materials for your renovated garden, new patio or landscape design. Below, we look at some of the most impactful ways to beautify your garden in the Harpenden area.

Landscape Design | From New Patios to Planting

Patios and Paving – A common staple of gardens throughout the country, patios represent outdoor rooms used for relaxation and social gatherings. When crafted by a landscaping company such as ours, a patio will raise property value and add visual interest. Why not add outdoor seating, privacy screens or a pergola for a final touch of class?

Our landscapers source the finest porcelain, sandstone and block paving options for landscape design projects across Harpenden.

Pathways – Are you looking to break up the greenery to create a more defined, easy to maintain environment? Pathways give you an easier time accessing the end of your garden while splitting up large areas of greenery. As trusted landscapers, we can provide an elegant path as part of the garden design process, with excellent materials that hold firm against the Harpenden weather.

If you’d like to learn more about these materials, don’t hesitate to speak with our landscaping company at a time that’s convenient for you.

Decking – Some property owners prefer decking to a new patio. Our landscape design team creates robust plans for these timber platforms, ensuring they meet a superior standard before laying a single material. Decking allows you to make the best use of otherwise unusable land and often stand as raised platforms that create the illusion of a more spacious garden.

Water Features – A water feature provides a touch of class to any garden, and in this regard, our landscaping company in Harpenden can assist. We consider your garden design preferences from the outset, ensuring your water feature delivers the right level of aesthetic beauty. We extend this approach to all aspects of landscape design, be it a new patio, pergola or retaining wall.

Planting and Turfing – Most homeowners around Harpenden choose to blend hard landscaping with greenery for a tailored yet natural environment. Experienced in the planting of various species, our landscapers can advise on the most suitable plants for your space. We frequently manage garden design projects from start to completion and often lay artificial lawns in natural green shades – so you never need to mow the lawn again.

Our landscaping company resolves all issues relating to landscape design, new patios, paving and pathways. Situated in Harpenden, we aid domestic clients across Hertfordshire.

To learn more about garden design and landscape design in the Harpenden area, please call 01582 621 222 or 07775 715 086 and speak with our landscapers.