The Advantages of a New Patio in Welwyn Garden City

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Does your patio look worn or in poor condition? If so, you could be losing out on a multipurpose garden space. New patios are both pleasing to the eye and highly functional, granting a host of benefits, as long as you rely on a landscaping company such as ours. With decades of experience in landscape design, patios and paving, our garden design team supplies a wide range of materials for dazzling landscapes across Welwyn Garden City.If you need reliable landscapers to bring your patio or garden into the modern era, don’t hesitate to call Rococo Landscaping & Building Ltd. We operate to the highest of standards, be it a new patio or garden design project in Welwyn Garden City.

Our team can also provide a start-to-finish landscape design service for clients further afield.

Read on for signs you need a new patio or visit our previous projects page for examples of our work.

Reasons for a New Patio From an Experienced Landscaping Company

A Space to Be Proud Of – Why look over your old patio with embarrassment when you could hire landscapers at a cost-effective rate? Passionate about garden design, we can plan the most beautiful new patio for the rear of your home before laying gorgeous porcelain, sandstone, block paving or similar materials. By choosing our landscaping company to update your patio in Welwyn Garden City, you receive a space that you can enjoy from the moment the sun begins to shine.

It Can Improve Your Lifestyle – As with all landscape design work, your new patio will maximise space by tailoring a specific area to your preferences. In turn, you can finally host social events, sit and sunbathe as often as you like, while boosting the market value of your home. A patio from our landscapers is sure to impress friends and family alike, but on a more personal level, you can make use of your outdoor surface any time without worrying about cracks or tripping hazards.

Low-Maintenance Landscaping – As a renowned landscaping company serving Welwyn Garden City, we often hear from homeowners looking for an easy-to-manage garden design option. A new patio will retain its appeal long into the future with very little work. Thankfully, you can sweep away dead leaves and even wash the surface down with a conventional garden hose. In addition to patios and paving, our landscape design team can lay artificial turf for your convenience.

Long-Term Durability – New patios come in a range of styles and finishes, mainly due to the materials available. Porcelain remains a popular choice in Welwyn Garden City, and our landscapers often install this material as part of our landscape design service. All materials come with meaningful warranties, so you can rest easy knowing that all garden design materials will last. Our landscaping company also covers the work through the Association of Professional Landscapers.

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